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Family Hotel Andalo with swimming pool

At the Gruppo Brenta Family Hotel we have recreated a family-friendly water world in the heart of Andalo. This is why you will find two indoor heated swimming pools, one for adults to relax in and one for children to have fun in, where you can go after a day outdoors or if the weather is acting up.

background Hotel Andalo with indoor heated swimming pool

Swimming pool for adults

A big 55-m2 pool, 1.30 m deep, with a constant temperature of 31°/32°, equipped with water jets for neck and underwater massage for 7 people. After a day of trekking or skiing, or as a final post-meeting bonus, a treatment using the main benefits of water is the best way to add value to your stay in the mountains.

background Hotel Andalo with children's swimming pool

Children’s swimming pool

A 10 m2 mini-pool, with water heated to 30° and just 30 cm deep. Almost a baby lagoon, where children of all ages can have fun with the other children or with the entertainment staff when play activities are organised. Thanks to the two swimming pools nearby, you can relax while your children play just a few metres away, in complete safety.

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