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Family Hotel in Andalo with entertainment for children

What family holiday in the mountains would it be if we didn’t surprise the little ones with a rich weekly entertainment programme? Recreational activities, workshops and excursions to stimulate children’s creativity and their aptitude for making friends and having fun in company.

background Woof woof... who wants to play with me?

Woof woof... who wants to play with me?

Woof woof... who wants to play with me?
Woof woof... who wants to play with me? Hello to Brentotto
background The Mini Club

The Mini Club

There are two entertainers organising the activities at the Mini Club, for children aged 3 years and up. In the morning, two groups are formed: one entertainer takes care of the children staying at the hotel, while the second leads the excursions for all the family. In the afternoon, the entertainment starts at 3.30 pm and goes on until 7 pm with workshops focusing on manual skills, creative recycling, games and dances in the pool. After dinner, it’s time for the Baby Dance from 9 pm to 9.30 pm and then the evening comes to life: shows, games, karaoke and musical games , involving all the family until 10.30 pm.

background Children’s spaces

Children’s spaces

Here with us, children have plenty of space at their disposal! The 60-m2 games room is open every day from 8 am to midnight. Inside it, you’ll find table football, table tennis, board games, a playhouse and a slide, a mini library, small sofas, tables and material for the workshops. For the evening entertainment, there is a very large 180-m2 multi-purpose room, complete with a theatre. We also have a mega 250-m2 playground on three levels, equipped with Everest, gazebo, pogo sticks, swings, spring games, slides, deckchairs and a huge wooden canopy, under which we can all play together in the summertime.

background The mini swimming pool

The mini swimming pool

After waking up from a nap, following an afternoon at the Mini Club or perhaps on a gloomy day, the mini heated pool, 30 cm deep, is the meeting place that all the children like best! Here, they can have fun with the other children or with the entertainers, when fun activities in the water are organised, while the parents relax in the adult pool or in the wellness centre.

Everyone in the pool

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