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Family Hotel Andalo: holidays in the mountains with the children

At our Family Hotel in Andalo children can play freely, with the same familiarity as in their own bedroom. Above all else, we are a mother and a father, so we know that if the little ones have fun in a safe environment like in their own home, parents can really relax too.

background At the table

At the table

Both at lunch and dinner, we cook those simple dishes that children like, such as pasta with meat sauce or tomato sauce, personalising them based on parents’ requests. Naturally, we take care of making baby foods for weaning! In this way, however old your children are, you can be sure that they follow a balanced, healthy diet even on holiday.

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background Family services

Family services

Many factors make a holiday with the children special. One of these is the luxury of travelling light and finding everything you need at the hotel for your children. In fact, nothing is missing at our Family Hotel in Andalo! Consider it a gift from our family to your family.

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Brentotto, the sweet mascot, and the two entertainers organise activities for children both in winter and in summer, ranging from entertainment at the Mini Club and simple guided excursions suitable for the littlest ones. In the evening they can all let loose with the Baby Dance, before watching ever-changing shows!

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background Family excursions

Family excursions

The beauty of going on holiday to a Family Hotel in the mountains, particularly in Andalo, is that as soon as you step outside the door you’ll find plenty of activities to share with the family to choose from: itineraries for strollers, educational paths, walks and open-air workshops and simple excursions suitable for everyone.

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background Children in Andalo

Children in Andalo

Andalo is the perfect Destination (yes, with a capital D) for families. …and we’re not the ones who say so. These are the words of the many guests who choose Andalo every year for their holidays in the mountains with the children. After parking your car here at the hotel, you can easily walk to Alpine huts, ski lifts taking you to the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, easy trails through the woods, playgrounds and even the Andalo Life Park.

background Family rooms

Family rooms

All the space a family needs! Our 9 Family Rooms are large (and of course they all have a panoramic view of the mountains), consisting of two communicating spaces, easily separated by an internal door.

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