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Family Hotel in Andalo with restaurant

During our “parenting career”, we discovered how important it is to spend your holiday at a Family Hotel with a good restaurant. This is why Dad Luciano, who’s in charge of the kitchen brigade, takes the excellent quality dishes for adults and children to the table himself, and makes personalised meals for babies.

background Simplicity at the table

Simplicity at the table

We care very much about making sure your holiday has the authentic flavours of Trentino. So, when we choose the ingredients, we do it with the same care we take when shopping for our pantry. We select fresh, natural, genuine and seasonal regional products only and that’s why the menus change according to the period. Our favourite recipes are the traditional, simple and delicious ones we learned from our parents and grandparents, accompanied by the best Trentino and Italian wines. We provide good mountain water, which you can always get from the two pretty drinking fountains in the dining room.

background Variety and quality

Variety and quality

The secret to having fun in the kitchen and avoid boring guests at the table is to offer them different dishes made with passion! Here at the Gruppo Brenta Hotel in Andalo, we vary our menu every day. At breakfast (rich, appetising and tasty!) among the many foods to choose from, there are ten homemade cakes. At lunch and dinner, there are two elaborate first courses, but you’ll always find classic pasta dishes with meat sauce, tomato sauce or plain with cheese and oil. The second courses include one simple dish and two more structured dishes, accompanied by appetisers and vegetables served at lunchtime and buffet-style in the evening. What about the desserts? Well, you’ll find fifteen of them, all different… and all waiting to be tried! When booking, let us know if you have any food intolerances or allergies, so that we can make your dining experience special too.

background Bon appetite children!

Bon appetite children!

Luciano always cooks for the children, in the same simple, genuine way he cooked for his own children. You can see the result of these delicious dishes with your own eyes, as his youngsters now work at the hotel! Special care for the little ones needs to be included in every detail, even in the dining room. It is no coincidence that, as well as pampering them with those simple dishes they love the most, which are available on the menu every day, we are always available to plan personalised dishes with parents, based on their children’s tastes. If you are weaning your baby, we make baby foods based on your instructions. In fact, you can even book a flask containing the baby food, to take with you on walks in the mountains!

background Tastings and evenings

Tastings and evenings

Every week we organise two moments dedicated to regional food and wine: an evening with a rich buffet of local cheeses and a Trentino evening. The latter is an opportunity to taste a few typical recipes cooked according to ancient tradition, like polenta with venison or with melted cheese, or sauerkraut with polenta and pork ribs. The menu includes an appetiser, two first courses, a rich second course and a dessert.

background Choose an accommodation type

Choose an accommodation type

We offer a half board option that includes breakfast and dinner. If you want to have lunch at the hotel, subject to booking, you can order the dishes you prefer from the à la carte menu and, also subject to booking and for a fee, you can request a thermos flask containing baby food to take with you. Mountain water, available and unlimited during meals, is included in both options.

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